Interview #04 | Cale, Celine & Sahara

Meet Cale, Celine and their beautiful daughter Sahara! We chat about how it feels to become a parent for the first time!

Father and Mother holding newborn baby

Hello Cale, hello Celine! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You both have super cool names, where are they from?

Celine: Haha, well, I guess I haven’t heard my name much here in Australia, but where I come from in Belgium, Celine is actually really common!

Cale: Haha, I'm not really sure haha, my parents just chose it! 


Haha okay! Do you have a cool story about how you met to go along with your cool names? 

Cale: We met in Belgium, Celine’s home country! I was there playing professional hockey at the time!


Oh wow that's pretty cool! And Brisbane is home? What do you like about living in Brisbane?

Celine: I like how safe it is! The weather is really nice here, and we have all our friends here too! Plus, Cale’s sister lives two streets away from us which is great, especially now that we have Sahara, we have a ‘free’ babysitter close by, haha!


How is baby Sahara doing? Have you had any difficult parenting situations you’ve had to deal with so far? 

Celine: Teething!!! The poor thing. Besides that she's doing so great!

Celine and Cale with ONE NINE Nappy Backpack


How are you finding your ONE NINE Nappy Backpack so far? 

Celine: It looks so good! I feel good wearing the bag when I’m out with Sahara. It’s a classic bag design but with all the parental stuff tucked away inside.

Cale: I like that it doesn't look like a Nappy Bag, it just looks like a luxury leather backpack.


Who carries the bag the most?

Cale: I work full time so Celine is using it the most at the moment.


Are there any specific essentials that stay in the bag every day? 

Just the usual I guess… Nappies, wet wipes, a change of clothes and a toy really, there's more compartments than we need, that's a good thing.


Dad packing his one nine nappy backpack

What do you enjoy most about being a father? 

Cale: Seeing Sahara’s beautiful smile and knowing she is healthy.


What are the hard things?

Cale: Not knowing what Sahara wants sometimes is difficult, and missing out on seeing a lot because of work.

How do you share parenting responsibilities?

Cale: Celine does most of it because I work long hours. But when I get home in time I will help out as much as I can. She's a superwoman!

How do you balance work, family time, parenting responsibilities & a social life?

Cale: Haha, not too well. There is definitely plenty of room for improvement, haha!

As a father, what are you most looking forward to in the future?

Cale: Seeing my family develop and create our vision of life for the future.


Father looking after newborn baby one nine backpack

How was your first nappy change?

Cale: It went alright. I am a plumber so I see poo all the time! Hahaha

Do you have any tips for soon to be fathers?

Cale: Communication with your partner is extremely important. ;)

Appreciation moment... What impresses you most about Celine as a mum? 

Cale: She is really good with Sahara. Her family lives overseas, and most of my family is in Bundaberg, so she's having to take on so much on her own. She's smashing it! 


Celine holding Sahara

Celine, what do you enjoy most about being a mother? ..and what are the hard things?

Celine: Seeing Sahara develop each day and her cheeky smile melts my heart. But it’s hard not knowing exactly what Sahara wants yet, as she is just a baby… Going to the shops and having to get her out and in the car…urgh! Haha

How do you share parenting responsibilities?

Celine: At the moment I am a stay at home mum, so I am doing most of it. Cale works big hours. He sometimes can help with the bath or bottle at night which is nice!

...and you have your own Photography and Illustration business. Tell us about it!

Celine: It’s called INSHULA. I have been interested in art since an early age. I love drawing and taking pictures. Being creative feeds my soul. I went to Art school and Fashion school, so it was just a matter of time until I was going to try to launch my own business, so I'm really enjoying it!

How are you finding balancing work, family, and your social life now that you’re a mother?

Celine: I think I am managing it okay. At the moment work has been a little bit on hold. I still try to get photoshoots happening when possible. It is difficult to work when Sahara is awake, so most of my jobs I get done when she is asleep.

We can imagine! What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Celine: There's not really one thing, just seeing Sahara growing up into a beautiful healthy girl is amazing and I'm sure it will only get more amazing.

Do you have any tips for soon to be mothers?

Celine: Try your best and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Enjoy every second, and create beautiful memories, and capture them! ...and why not capture them with me as the photographer! haha ;)

Appreciation moment... What impresses you most about Cale as a father? 

He is so responsible. He takes a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders and smashes it! ...We have similar mannerisms, haha! 

Cale and Celine wearing the ONE NINE Nappy Backpack

Haha! Signs of a great relationship! Thanks so much for chatting with us, and for being part of the #ONENINEFAMILY! You can check out Celine's Photography here: @INSHULA


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