ONE NINE Monogrammed Leather Bags
Add a personal touch to your new Baby Bag and Pram Clips!
Personalise your ONE NINE Nappy Backpack and matching ONE NINE Pram Clips with FREE Gold, Silver or Blind monogramming! 
Buying for someone else? Whether it's a mothers day giftfathers day gift or for a baby shower, our nappy bags are the perfect personalised gift for any parent!
Select ‘ADD FREE MONOGRAMMING’ before adding to your cart and follow the steps. There are multiple combinations for you to decide from including, size, colours, and characters. 
ONE NINE monogramming is done in Times New Roman and are available in two sizes, a classic 8mm size for three character monogramming, and a larger, bold 12mm size for 2 character monogramming.
ONE NINE three letter monogramming
ONE NINE two letter monogramming

8mm (up to three characters)

Perfect for:
- Individuals with a hyphenated name
(e.g. Andrew Bennett-Chistiansen — ABC)

- Couples that share the same last name
(e.g. Andrew and Brooke Christiansen — ABC)

- Couples that would like to separate their first names 
(e.g. Andrew and Brooke — A.B or A&B)

12mm (max. two characters)

Perfect for:
- Individuals
(e.g. Andrew Bennett — AB)

- Couples who just want their first names
(e.g. Andrew and Brooke — AB)

Please note: Due to limited embossing space, 12mm monogramming can only be max. two characters.



We offer three colour finishes for your monogramming;
Gold, Silver and Blind (no colour). 

  ONE NINE monogram colours

Both Gold and Sliver colour finishes are made hands pressing a special foil into the leather. The foil gives a beautiful shine and instant touch of personalised luxury.

Blind emboss is colourless, meaning your item is hand press with your choice of characters without any additional colour added, making for a very understated, sleek look.



Monogram Care

To maintain a clean, new look, try to minimise touching any monogrammed area. Liquids and oils (including natural body oil) can cause monogramming to fade over time.

Do not use alcohol-based cleaning solutions, not only can this damage your monogramming, it can degrade the leather too.

*Disclaimer: All of our monogramming is done by hand. Every item is unique so there may be slight variations on the exact location of your monogramming.

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Monogram FAQ's