Tips #01 | What to pack in your nappy bag!

After our photoshoot with Brisbane based parents, Hannah and Daniel, we asked Hannah to share what essentials they keep in their unisex ONE NINE nappy backpack. Read more...

[Hanna] Okay,
 haha, we didn't prepare for this! We use our ONE NINE Nappy Backpack every day so these are pretty much the baby bag essentials that we keep in our baby bag.

  1. Nappies 👶🏻🧷🩲
    We normally keep a bunch of nappies in there just in case.

  2. Baby Wipes 🧻🧼🤧

    Baby wipes are a must. The side access pocket for the baby wipes is great.

  3. Change of baby clothes × 2 👕🩳👶🏼

    So we normally have something warm, as well as a change of outfit. If it's not in the bag, it's the first thing we pack.

  4. Dirty Nappy Bags ⚠️💩🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏻‍♀️

    We bought a huge pack of them so we keep a handful of disposal bags in our baby bag.

  5. Toys 🧸🦒🚗

    There's always one of Leo's toys in the bag, but today we have a few with us.

  6. Water bottle 💦🥤🚰

    Our trusty, everyday water bottle haha.

  7. Wallet 💼💳💵

    The front pocket of our nappy bag is the perfect size for my wallet, some loose change, etc.

  8. Baby changing mat 🤸‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️

    We have the included baby changing mat, of course! 

  9. ONE NINE Pram Clips 🔗🔗

    We normally just leave our ONE NINE pram clips attached to our pram, but we will keep them in the bag if we are travelling without our pram just in case we need to use them.





ONE NINE Unpacked backpack