Mum and Dad holding child with Nappy Backpack

Modern families come in many different shapes and sizes, and there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to parenting. 

This sentiment runs at the heart of ONE NINE, as well as one very simple goal: to create affordable, high quality and user-friendly products that make the lives of modern parents easier. 

From single parents, to same-sex parents, to multi-parent families and everything in between, our products are gender-neutral, stylish and designed to suit all mums AND dads regardless of who's on parenting duty, what roles they play or how they choose to be a family.

High Quality Nappy Bags

ONE NINE products are designed in Australia with the help of a dedicated team of mums and dads. Made with only premium materials by the same manufacturer of many top brands, our Baby Bags are highly durable and built to last.

Our Impact

We believe that to be a great business, you have to be a good one too. From the way we design our products to the message we promote, we are conscious of the social, ethical and environmental impact we make. We built ONE NINE to have a positive impact in the lives ONE NINE is a proud supporter of The Smith Family.

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Our Story

Kind of out of left field that two male professional footballers launch a Nappy Bag company, but in our profession and culture where there is always friendly banter flying around the changing room, we regularly see our close friends and teammates who are new dads, being made fun of when carrying their partners ‘feminine-looking’ baby bags, and we realised that quality parenting products were made, and marketed only to mothers, instead of being made for all ‘parents’ to use. We realised it was the same for our friends who are single parents, as well as our friends who are in same sex relationships. It inspired us to create ONE NINE, an inclusive company that sells good looking, high quality Nappy Bags for ALL parents!

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